The Applied Geophysics Department is one of the Department in the School of Earth and Mineral Sciences.


B.Tech. (Applied Geophysics)

PGD. (Applied Geophysics)

M.Tech. (Exploration Geophysics)

Ph. D. (Exploration Geophysics)

Our Vision:

Vision of the Department of Applied Geophysics, Federal University of Technology, Akure: is to be an International Centre of Excellence and Research in Exploration Geophysics

Our Mission

  • To train students to enter the Geosciences and Technology related industries as qualified geophysicists
  • To train existing practitioners in up-to-date geophysical technologies
  • To advance the science of Applied Geophysics through a range of research programmes
  • To disseminate that knowledge to the general exploration profession

We see our planet, Earth, as an extraordinarily complex system that defies reduction to the perspective of a single research discipline. We therefore recognize the interdisciplinary synergy among the natural sciences (chemical, physical and biological) as a vital ingredient which keeps enable the department fulfils her mission.

The Department hosts a diverse community of scholars that include research scientists, post doctoral scholars and visiting scientists. These valued members of our department enrich research and learning about the fundamental nature of Earth, and other planetary bodies, their physics, chemistry, and history, and have an important role in the broad intellectual life of the Department, school and the University.

We strive to solve exploration problems through observations and techniques capable of transferring our understanding of the earth for the benefit of its inhabitants.

We emphasize the process of discovery as ideal integration over maintenance of disciplinary knowledge and its boundaries. With a range of research experience that exceeds the confine of our discipline, we disseminate to our students, research colleagues and the environment, knowledge and opportunity to solve problems that can rarely be pursued elsewhere.


The Department of Applied Geophysics provides broad based education in resource exploration, as well as expertise in solving various environmental, groundwater, energy and engineering geological-related problems. This is achieved through intensive training in an excellent academic environment.

The products of this programme will be suitable for employment in the oil and oil-related industries, water boards or corporation, mineral industry, environmental and engineering establishments, the civil service and institutions of higher learning. They can also be self-employed.


The objectives of the programme are to:

(a) provide the necessary training and exposure in all aspects of Applied Geophysics so as to prepare graduates of the programme for employment in the solid mineral, petroleum, water environmental, engineering and other related industries and establishments, and in the academia;

(b) develop the necessary manpower in the area of Applied Geophysics needed for industrial and technological development of the country;

(c) produce geophysicists that are professionally sound enough to be self employed; and

(d) produce graduates that are qualified to pursue higher degrees in Applied Geophysics and allied courses.